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Ebusiness & Social Media Marketing Company
11 Year of Experience Providing Website Designing & Development Services

ERD Solutions. is a value added Services Provider of category-leading unified e-business & Marketing planning, infrastructure development, implementation, and Product Promotional solutions with a global network of specialty ERD’s teams create unique services in field of website designing, Web hosting, e-marketing, Social media development and provide exceptional support to accelerate the business of its clients through comprehensive event management solutions. Strong relationships at every level of the organization enable clients to receive support tailored to their needs. The strength of ERD is its base of dedicated specialists, people that have worked together on many long and intricate projects, delivering time and time again customers’ requirements. ERD can assist in all areas of your business as it can draw on a dedicated team of professionals.

  • Web Hosting

    500+ Satisfied Client

  • Designs & Development

    300+ Satisfied Clients

  • Online Advertising

    15+ Satisfied and client

  • Socialmedia Marketing

    10+ Satisfiend clients

Our Winning Team

Our Winning Team..
M Atif Bangash
CEO & Founder ERD Solutions
M. Atif Bangash, MBA MIS/Mrkt, CIPM, E business Specialist. 17 years of experience in designing and developing ebusiness and ecommerce models, corporate trainer, Social media marketing expert
Adeela Khan
Project Manager Designs
Mechanical Engineer, having 5 year experience in Designing and developing CAM/CAD Designs. Project Management Expert
Zahid Ali Shah
Manager Networks
Studied Mainframes & Computer Networking. at University of Canberra
Farrah Ghalib
Manager Web Hosting & Database
5 year Experience in Web Hosting Management and Database Management
Rabbiya Khan
Senior Graphic & Social Media Campaign Designer
Expert in Designing and Running Social media Campaigns. Visual Content Designer
AJ. Awan
Senior Graphic Designer (Print Media)
17 year of Experience in Desktop Designing & Printing
Adeel Ahmed.
Web Developer & Designer. Technical coordinator of
Adeel Ahmed had great skills of web designing and development. He will design and implement websites from initial concept, site architecture, and user interface to finished deliverable in a professional style.
Usman Farooq.
SEO & Socialmedia.
Usman Farooq is very good in generating targeted traffic, Expert in making quality backlinks. Highly engaged digital and social media expert with ability to develop social media campaign.
Rawal John
Senior Graphic and Media Design
Studied BS Software Engineering at Virtual University
Raja Yasir Saeed
PR & Sales Executive
10 year of experience in sales and sales and event management.
Rana Jazib
Junior Web Developer and Designer
Rana Jazib has great skills of Web Development and Designing. He used to play with different types of Websites Designs and doing better and better day by day.
Shazia Akbar
Social media & Marketing Executive
Working with ERD Solutions since 2013, MSc Mathematics
Abdullah Kamran
BDO – Web Designer
5 year Experience in Business Administration and ebusiness Solutions
Muhammad Rafeeq
Admin & Commercial Contractor
Secialized in Office Administration and Commercial Contracts,
Shafqat Habib Khan
Photo & Video Grapher

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